Cytomegalovirus (CMV) May Accelerate Brain Cancer

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CMV - Brain Cancer

The human cytomegalovirus may “speed the progression of an aggressive form of brain cancer.” – Ohio University

A study showed that Cytomegalovirus (CMV) may accelerate the progression of a certain form of brain cancer.“CMV has been detected in many cancer types… We believe that CMV’s action occurs in the tumor’s cells of origin…” – Dr. Chang-Hyuk Kwon, the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (1)

Interestingly, “The virus by itself does not cause cancer, the study suggests, but it might influence tumor development when changes occur that silence two genes called p53 and Nf1 in tumor cells. These genes are protective “tumor suppressor” genes that normally cause cells to die before they become malignant. But cancer-related changes can silence them, enabling malignant cells to survive, multiply and form tumors.” (1)

CMV brain tumor

“The researchers also learned that CMV stimulates tumor-cell proliferation by activating a biochemical cell pathway called STAT3. In healthy cells, STAT3 plays an important role in controlling cell proliferation.” (1)
 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infects most middle-aged Americans, and it is often associated with an aggressive form of brain cancer
The bottom line?
As Dr. E. Antonio Chiocca, another study author said, “…anti-viral therapy against CMV might now be justified for human cancers.” (1)
(1) Cancer Research.




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