Can HPV Cause Skin Cancer?

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A survey found that less than 48% of respondents knew that HPV is associated with skin cancer.

A survey showed that many people don’t realize that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can cause non-melanoma skin cancers in addition to other forms of cancer and genital warts.

For example, a study published in The Journal of Pathology in January 2006 said that “In addition to being strongly associated with the development of cervical carcinomas (cancers), high-risk mucosal HPVs are also associated with the development of other specific epidermal cancers (1).”

In other words, as WebMD notes, “The HPV viruses that cause non-genital warts may increase the risk of getting common skin cancers… (2).”

The Journal of Pathology went on to say that “The percentage of HPV DNA-positive NMSCs (Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer) in immunosuppressed patients is about 80% (1).”

That is, in patients with weak immune systems, HPV can cause skin cancer.

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However, not only people with weak immune systems are susceptible to HPV related skin cancer. The virus can also cause skin cancer in the general population. “HPVs have also been found in normal skin and NMSCs in the immunocompetent general population, with detection rates of about 30% (1).”

Research shows that HPV is more common in people with skin cancer.

According to WebMD, “People with squamous cell skin cancers tended to have been infected with more skin HPV types, or cutaneous HPV, than those who did not have cancer (2).”

“I didn’t know HPV could also cause skin cancer. It seems like all you hear about these days is cervical cancer. Nobody talks about skin cancer and HPV.”Jorge S. (El Paso)

The bottom line?

The HPV virus is a bad, bad virus. Infected people should be concerned, and should consider using a natural product against the latent form of the virus that has been shown to be safe and effective in clinical studies.


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