Women Vaccinated with Gardasil Still Get Cancer

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HPV vaccine

Major studies have shown that women who were vaccinated nevertheless developed cervical cancer.The Jerusalem Post (1)

An article in the Jerusalem Post reported on a recent meeting “in Tel Aviv 10 days ago of 40 leading experts on gynecology, oncology, women’s health, vaccines and other specialties who discussed the pros and cons of the HPV vaccine (1).”

At the meeting, Dr. Uzi Beller, an international authority on gynecological cancers, “was the main voice urging caution (1).”

I want to see fundamental studies proving efficacy, and they do not exist (1).” – Dr. Uzi Beller

The vaccines, Beller said, “were tested on mostly white women attending colleges and university – mostly from developed countries and healthy.

The data were based on a relatively short term follow-up period. What is known does not yet justify widespread vaccination of healthy girls (1).”

HPV vaccine

In addition, Dr. Beller said that “there is no evidence that prophylactic (preventative) vaccination against HPV types 16 and 18 reduces the incidence of cervical cancer,” Beller declared. As the vaccine costs $100 to $360 for three doses in wealthy countries, it is completely out of the reach of developing countries, where an effective vaccine would be most urgently needed (1).”

The Jerusalem Post report concluded that “pediatricians are important advocates for preventive medicine, but they may know little about HPV infection and cervical and other HPV-related cancers. Obstetricians / Gynecologists know about HPV and cervical cancer prevention, but they often know little about vaccines and immunization delivery (1).”

The bottom line?

Doctors need facts. Many times, they’re recommending vaccination to their patients because that’s the shpiel they get from the CDC and the FDA. However, it is quite possible that many doctors would choose to recommend a more natural approach if they could be sure of that approach’s safety and efficacy.


(1) The Jerusalem Post – Siegel-Itzkovich, J. “HPV: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate”Published September 21, 2013.


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