Uncircumcised Men are at Higher Risk of HPV Infection (So Uh…are You Cut?)

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1 in 3 uncircumcised men are at higher risk of HPV infection. – International Journal of STDs and AIDS (1)

Uncircumcised men get HPV more than other men.

According to Dr. OZ’s website, it is “due to the fact that the inner foreskin is thinner and more permeable than the outer skin (to the virus).”(2)

As a result, uncircumcised men are infected by more types of HPV, become infected by HPV more often, may acquire HPV more easily, have higher incidents of lesions on the penis, and have a harder time clearing the HPV virus from the body. (1)

In addition, women married to men who are uncircumcised have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer.

In uncircumcised men, “Multiple HPV types were prevalent with one-third of the HPV-positive men being positive for more than one HPV type.” (1)

not circumcised

“High rates of detection (of HPV) are generally reported in samples collected from glans, coronas, prepuces, and penile bodies, as compared to those collected in scrota, urethra, urine, and semen.” (PLoS One, 2012) (3)

In addition, “MC (male circumcision) reduced the prevalence of penile HR-HPV infection by approximately 35%, reduced the acquisition of new HR-HPV infection, and increased clearance of pre-existing HR-HPV infection in HIV-negative men.

Circumcised men in a randomized trial also have reduced HPV-associated penile lesions. Female partners of circumcised men had a lower prevalence and incidence of HR-HPV infection, and women married to circumcised men have lower cervical cancer risk.” (International Journal of Cancer, 2013) (4)

It seems to therefore make sense for men who care about themselves, and their partners, to undergo circumcision.


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