What the!?…HPV?…in Sperm???

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A high incidence of HPV infection has been reported in sperm from sexually active men BJU International (1).

HPV has been found in the sperm of infected men.

This can harm a man’s ability to have children. This is particularly true in those who have both HPV (human papillomavirus), which is the most common sexually transmitted viral disease (STD), and Chlamydia trachomatis (Ct), which is the most common bacterial STD (1).

The German and Italian researchers who conducted the study wrote that, “A high incidence of HPV infection has been reported in sperm from sexually active men… and from infertile patients (1).”

In addition, they wrote that sperm in HPV and Ct infected men did not move or “swim” like healthy sperm.

bad sperm

We found that patients with HPV and Ct co-infection had lower percentages of motile sperm and normal morphological forms when compared with those infected with Ct only.

In addition, the HPV infection was an independent risk factor for subfertile status when associated with Ct infection (1).” This means HPV was associated with infertility even without a Ct infection.

In one study published in 2010 in the journal Fertility and Sterility, researchers found that “the (HPV) virus was localized at the sperm head (2).” Another study published in 2009 in PLoS One showed that “the (HPV) virus was (also) present on the surface of sperm cells (3).”

The bottom line?

Men should be aware that even if they don’t have any physical symptoms, HPV may still be harming their ability to reproduce.

These men should also be aware that even without physical symptoms, their sperm can infect their partners. The researchers reported that “a high incidence of HPV infection in sperm was found not only in individuals with risk factors but also in asymptomatic infertile men (1).”


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