Epstein Barr Virus May Lead to Diabetes

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diabetes and epstein barr virus

“It appears that EBV has the potential to induce autoimmune responses and indeed autoimmune disease.” – Dr. Eirini I. Rigopoulou

Have a family history of diabetes?

Beware of EBV.

Research shows that the Epstein Barr Virus might trigger the onset of diabetes.[1]

type 1 diabetes

Doctors usually recommend exercise, eating fiber, eating whole grains, losing extra weight, and making healthy food choices when it comes to preventing diabetes.

The relationship between the onset of type 1 diabetes and viral infection have been drawing close attention for several years.”  Additionally, it should be noted that “two possible mechanisms for EBV involvement in the onset of fulminant type 1 diabetes are known; that is, direct injury and influence on immune function.” [2]

But, the Epstein Barr virus is not the only virus linked to the onset of diabetes.

In an article reviewed by Dr. Jason C. Baker M.D., it was noted that “viruses that have been associated with type 1 diabetes as environmental triggers include coxsackie B, enteroviruses, adenovirus, rubella, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus.” [1]


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