Be Careful! Beauty Salon Staff May Contribute to Hepatitis Transmission

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Certain beauty salon activities could provide a vehicle for transmission of hepatitis and other blood-born pathogens if protective measures are not followed.

Hepatitis Monthly reports in a new study that during a haircut, shave, or pedicure, barbers may accidentally expose themselves to their clients’ blood, transmit their own infection to their clients, or transmit the infection from one client to another. Thus beauty salon staffs have a potential role in spreading Hepatitis C infections. (1)

The Hepatitis B Foundation says that, “Practically speaking, certain shop activities could provide a vehicle for transmission of HBV and other blood-born pathogens if adequate precautions are not followed.”

hepatitis C

The Foundation also says that, “At your favorite nail salon, it is possible that “tools of the trade” such as nail files, cuticle pushers, nail buffers, brushes, clippers, are not single-use, or properly disinfected. Microscopic droplets of blood could readily transmit infectious disease. Even items such as finger-bowls and foot basins need to be properly disinfected.” (2)

Importantly, it should be noted that “there is a safe and effective vaccine for HBV, but not for HCV and HIV.” (3)

Interestingly, “At this time, there are no OSHA or CDC guidelines for infection control practices for nail and hair salons, and barbershops.” (3)

They are all state regulated. (3)

Is it time for federal regulation?

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