Got E.D.? (The Herpes Virus Might be Responsible!)

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The main finding of our study was that HSV infections were associated with risk of ED. – Andrology (1)

Heart disease and depression are both strongly linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). The herpes virus (both oral and genital) may lead to both heart problems and clinical depression.

In an indirect manner, an infection with the herpes virus may lead to erectile dysfunction. 

As the Mayo Clinic website notes, “Erectile dysfunction – difficulty maintaining an erection sufficient for sex – can be an early warning sign of heart problems. (2)” Another source of Erectile Dysfunction is depression. WebMD says that, “Sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) or an inability to have an orgasm, often co-exist with depression. (3)”

As a common infection… HSV not only relates to mild skin or mucosa lesions but it is also associated with the occurrence of CVD (heart disease). (1)”


Yeah, right….


In another study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases in 1996, researchers showed that “Genital herpes causes considerable psychological and psychosexual morbidity.” (4)

The most common emotional responses are depression, anguish, anger, diminution in self-esteem and hostility. 

The bottom line?

Heart disease and depression put an enormous psychological stress on men. Add to that, erectile dysfunction and you get a train wreck.

These people need an antiviral remedy that gets to the heart of the matter.


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